PicBlaster PIC Programmer

Why pay $99+ for the leading brand when you can build your own PIC programmer for under $10!!!!


PIC16c84 programmer that fits inside a DB25 hood!

Parts you will need:

The design is pretty self explanatory as shown in the picture above. Drill holes for the IC socket on the hood and fit it in. If you use small components, the whole thing should fit snug inside the hood. You might even want to try surface mount if you are brave. I used a good quality machined socket. To keep the socket firmly in place, I dripped hot melt glue around the edges of the socket and hood. To program a chip, I just popped the programmer into the back of my laptop computer SERIAL port, lightly pressed the chip into place, and ran the program. This is a very handy device, especially for those who work out in the field.

 Check out the schematics and download the software.
The plans are for a 9 pin connector. If you want to use a 25 pin plug or are having trouble with programming, check out my troubleshoots.

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 Antti Lucas drew up the schematics and wrote the pip-02 software. Check out his web site.
Credits for the
circuit design: Erik Herman - almighty creator of this wonderful device
schematic, software, and web site for download: Antti Lucas of Silicon Studios <-fastest coder in his part of the hemisphere
general design: kyoorius

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