For Sale: Magnetic Strip Reader Kits

A while back, I was experimenting with magnetic strip readers and interfacing them to the PC. I was having some trouble so I posted some requests for information on usenet. Throughout the next few days, I received an overwhelming number of inquiries reguarding the construction of these devices and where they could be purchased. So I've decided to put together a kit for all you hackers, engineers, and just plain curious people.

The magnetic strip reader interfaces with the printer port of your PC and requires a 286 or faster processor. The kits come with all the hardware. software, and source code. Some soldering skills are required to assemble these kits. If you are not familiar with soldering, an assembled kit is available for $10 more.

I am presently sold out of track 1 readers, but looking for a new supplier.
The kits I have, read track #2 off of magnetic strip cards. On credit cards, this is the track that contains the account number and expiration date. Track #2 is the most common track used by magnetic strip cards. Often school ID's and security cards use t rack #2.
The software will read in the card data, decode and/or make attempts to decrypt the data if it is not in the 2 standard ANSI formats. There are many more FUN functions available in the software (including GENERATING a strip patern given an ASCII string). Click here for additional information on the kits. For even more information, download the file and read CARDOMAT.DOC
Download a copy of it here.

 Plans, schematics, and program are in the zip file CARDOMATIC.ZIP
Alternate site for CARDOMATIC.ZIP


NO! I do not sell magentic strip writers. For additional information on readers and WRITERS. Check out Andre DeHon's mag-strip info page.
Here is some more magnetic strip info.
Mag-Tek now has a web page!

Have a nice day.

UPDATE 4/1/2005 -
If you haven't noticed (based on the "antiquated" PC hardware mentioned above), the web page is quite old.
This is the first update since Sep 1998. My email has be updated above, but before sending me anything, first check
the forum if you have any questions. Also, since most of you are using a operating system version that not longer
includes BASIC, head on over to for some up-to-date software.