Magnetic Strip Card Reader Kits!

These kits come with all the hardware parts, software, and source code (written
in QuickBasic!)
The readers interface with the parallel port (printer port) of the PC.

The software will read in the magnetic strip bits and display them in a
graphical bar code-type format for easy analysis and comparison with other
cards. The decoded message is displayed on the bottom of the screen. The
formats decodable are ANSI 7 bit and ANSI 5 bit BCD. The software will
allow cutting, pasting, saving, loading, and generating of magnetic strip
codes (bits).  There is also a decrypting function which will make attempts
to decrypt unknown bit formats (such as subway or laundry cards).   
A generously large help file is included which explains the use of the program
and also the physical makeup of a magnetic card and reader device.
An example QBASIC program is included which demonstrates how to read in and 
decode a magnetic strip card.

There are 2 reader kits available. A track 1 reader and a track 2 reader.

Track 1 description: The reader is manufactured by Mag-Tek Corp. Model #SS110
It reads off track 1 on magnetic strip cards. Track 1 commonly contains 
the Account #, name, and expiration date on credit cards and ATM cards. The 
reader is enclosed in a black plastic case similar to the readers found on
the keyboards at Radio Shack.

Track 2 description: The manufacturer is unkown. The device reads off of 
track 2 on magnetic strip cards. This commonly contains the account number and 
expiration date. Track 2 is popularly used in security and school ID's. The
reader is not enclosed in a case (you can see the PCboards and guts). There are
plastic "guiders" which guide the card through the slot and across the reader

Both readers will operate with the same software.

Some assembly and soldering skills will be required to assemble these kits.

Ready assembled kits are also available.

 * Security! Make it a requirement to swipe a credit card through 
   before anyone uses your computer! 
 * Find out what's on your credit, ATM, and school ID cards!
 * Satisfy your curiosity!!
 * Who know's what hacker applications there are waiting to be discovered??


The price of the kits are     

Track 1 Reader        SOLD OUT
Track 2 Reader        $45 <-Old price  NOW only $30 

add $10 for an assembled kit.

Kits come complete with all hardware, software, and source code.
Orders are shipped COD.

To order, respond leaving your postal mailing address and I will
respond via email with a confirmation.