Are you bad in electronics? Does the soldering iron burn your hands? Are you lame? Are you a parasite?
No problem, connect a scanner discriminator output to your soundcard and get pairs, pairs and more pairs... Call the world!!

BanpaiA is the first DDI (ESN snarfing) software that works with a scanner plus a soundcard only. No need of extra hardware, modificated cellular phones or other shits.

You'll only need a Computer + SoundCard + Radio Scanner with discriminator output

BanpaiA DDI connection diagram

System requierements:

Win 95/NT version:

Linux version:

(Note about LINUX version, Unix is not the best OS fot real time audio prossesing, due to the nature of the multitasking environment, Linux version DOESN'T correctly grab all received pairs. The capture ratio is about 3 of 10, anyway this is not usually a problem since on a normal day you should receive 100 of 600 pairs, and you will not be able to use 100 pairs per day, if I lose 500 pairs I say... go hell......)

You can use worse configurations but you are going to lose some pairs. This programs was tested in a 486 DX4 120 Mhz 32 Mb RAM (Linux OS) and in a Pentium 200 MMX 32 Mb RAM (Win 95 Environmet), the sound card was a Sound Blaster Pro (8 bits) in Linux and a Opti 16 Sound Blaster compatible (16 bits) in Windows. Some guys tested other configurations and those also worked, if you find problems with a particular hardware configuration or have questions please send a email to banpaia@innocent.com for help. If you use a non standard hardware configuration and it works, send a mail to add the hardware to the compatibility list.

Remember this is a beta version, please report ANY bugs or comments. We will appreciate this.

This software is desgined to run in AMPS/NAMPS cellular systems, the Team is working on the ETACS version. If you need this soft for another system contact the Team by mail at banpaia@innocent.com

Where to get it:

Click here to download the latest Win 32 version (v1.6.1 beta - 05/06/1998)
(Win 95 version 1.6b has many bugs, get this new version now!)

Click here to download the latest Linux version (v1.6 beta - 05/02/1998)

COMING SOON, DOS and OPEN BSD versions, Wanted MacOs programmers!!

For use this program you need make 2 modifications in your scanner, 1 make a discriminator ouput, 2 change the IF filter from 15k to 20k or 30k, if you use a ICOM PCR-1000 dont need make this changes.
if you need information on how to make the discriminator output for your scanner or want to look recomended links to scanner's pages
click here.

Wanted!! If you have any info about Motorola ESN CRCs or info/plans/soft about CopyCats please send mail to the BanpaiA Team banpaia@innocent.com

All the family is happy using BanpaiA.

 (important: it is ilegal in some states or countries to use this software, ask to your local narc, the writters, contributors and admins says "DO NOT USE THIS")

 Comments or questions about BanpaiA? Send e-mail to banpaia@innocent.com  

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